Compact and responsive

The permanent-magnet electric motor offers a maximum output of 100 kW/110 hp and torque of 260 Nm for optimum driving pleasure.


The electric motor is supported by:

• An inverter: this transforms direct current into alternating current.

• A speed-reducer: this makes the rotation speed compatible with the usual speed range.

High-performance battery

The high-voltage lithium-ion battery (400 V) is the on-board electrical energy storage device. It is located under the floor, which preserves space on board and in the boot. The battery has a capacity of 50 kWh and a maximum power of 100 kW for a range of up to 340 km WLTP (i).


The thermal regulation achieved through circulating fluid and a heat pump allows for ultra-fast charging, optimised range and an increased lifespan.


For your peace of mind, the battery has an 8-year warranty or 160,000 km for 70% of its charge capacity.


(i)Estimated values given as an indication only, and subject to pending confirmation by the WLTP. The range may vary according to the actual conditions of use (weather conditions, driving style, etc.).


Full electric